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When we were newlyweds (and he didn't have a beard)...

Photo:  Kelly Hornberger Photography


Hi!  Lovely to "meet" you.


My name is Breann and, way back in 2014, I founded what eventually transformed into Thistle & Pearl Paper Goods & Trading Co.  And, boy, has the time flown!

Take a look below for more background info about me and T&P, and feel free to send us message if you have any more questions!

My Story

Oh, gosh.  Where to begin?

Born and raised in the Greater Houston Area, it was only natural that I developed a passion for this vibrant, ever-transforming community.  That's not to say I haven't stretched my legs a bit as well -- I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio right after my 21st birthday and, with my bachelor's degree in tow, married my childhood sweetheart, applied for a visa, and moved to Scotland!

I earned a Master's in Modern & Contemporary Art from the University of Edinburgh and eventually moved to Dallas for a job at a commercial fine arts gallery.  After switching into the realm of marketing & graphic design, I FINALLY took up the suggestions of my friends and family to start my own business.

Then we moved to New Zealand.


After working at a museum in Wellington while building my portfolio, my husband and I decided to bid the Kiwis a final "farewell" with a 3,000 km hike across the country and eventually found our way back to my hometown.

Now I live a cozy life near family with my husband (Jay), baby son (Cullen), and our dog (Willow)!

As you can tell, Thistle & Pearl was a long time coming and grew very organically alongside my crazy life.  I've been drawing/designing and lettering for more years than I can count, so I feel truly blessed to be able to use my talents to make others' events that much more special.  Not everyone has the luxury of things just falling into place, so I try my best to infuse gratitude into each and every project.

Thistle & Pearl

We've come a long way (and I use "we" because I couldn't do any of this without my awesome vendors and artisans) since we began in 2014. 

In addition to our completely bespoke design services and event branding (particularly for love-related celebrations), we now offer a growing collection of personalizable invitation templates, a curated selection of cards, customizable goodies, and one-of-a-kind vintage accessories and decor in our shoppe.  Our calligraphy and hand lettering services pair beautifully with all of these to result in memorable, luxe materials that feel nice in your hand and warm in your heart.

A big part of our identity involves intentionality, particularly when it comes to the environment.  Check out our Green Commitment.  It's how we sleep at night while living and working in a world of disposables.

That said, we're all about love in all its forms & feel honored to serve people from all walks of life!  If you're interested in letting us be a part of your special occasion, read a bit about our process to get a clearer idea of what to expect once the ball starts rolling.

Oh, and our work has been featured in several industry publications - fun fact!

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